Thriving Individuals


Individuals at all stages of their career need on occasion, to take a step back, assess their own performance, identify ways to progress, and consider how to increase their success and personal satisfaction 

Through one to one coaching we help you address your challenges, refocus and increase your skills and self-awareness. Our coaching enables you to manage problems such as work/life balance and develop successful strategies for effective communication and goal achievement.

Our coaching relationships begin with a series of informal conversations with commissioners and potential coachees to talk about our style, approach and their learning needs. Critical to us is the quality for the relationship – coaching works if the dynamic between coach and coachee is open, trusting and transparent. 

Once we agree the relationship is ready, we determine our shared goals. We coach for results, not for fun, so it’s important we all know what we are working towards. 

From here we agree the number of conversations and regularity of these conversations. Typically we meet with coachees once a month for around 90 mins. All coaching conversations are fully confidential.   

We draw on a range of relevant tools, including personality profiling, strengths identification and 360° feedback to enable self-awareness and create focus for action.

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