Thriving Individuals

Individuals at all stages of their career need on occasion, to take a step back, assess their own performance, identify ways to progress, and consider how to increase their success and personal satisfaction 

Through one to one coaching we help you address your challenges, refocus and increase your skills and self-awareness. Our coaching enables you to manage problems such as work/life balance and develop successful strategies for effective communication and goal achievement.

Executive - Line Management - Self-Development - Parental Transition - Career

Our coaching relationships begin with a series of informal conversations with commissioners and potential coachees to talk about our style, approach and their learning needs. Critical to us is the quality for the relationship – coaching works if the dynamic between coach and coachee is open, trusting and transparent. 

Once we agree the relationship is ready, we determine our shared goals. We coach for results, not for fun, so it’s important we all know what we are working towards. 

From here we agree the number of conversations and regularity of these conversations. Typically we meet with coachees once a month for around 90 mins. All coaching conversations are fully confidential.   

We draw on a range of relevant tools, including personality profiling, strengths identification and 360° feedback to enable self-awareness and create focus for action.


The well shared saying ‘it’s lonely at the top’ can be very, very true. We’ve worked with senior leaders for nearly two decades, supporting them as they navigate the competing needs of stakeholders and the high expectations of people all around them. 

We know the critical significance of a complete network of support for these individuals – of which a trusted and effective coach is one key player. (click here for our blog about the players you need on your Bench) 

We help leaders at C-Suite and Operating Board level with watertight confidentiality and objectivity. We will act as their sounding board, guide and trusted supporter as they navigate the pathways of top level business leadership.

Line Managers 

Taking on an additional people management role can be stretching for everyone of us. Especially when the ‘day job’ still beckons ferociously at the same time. 

We have 20 years experience supporting line managers in developing core skills to enable them to lead teams effectively in order to deliver positive outcomes.  We work on skills, shortcuts and practical aspects of line management in a focused and results driven way. Coachees determine very clear outcomes at the end of each session which they are able to apply immediately in the workplace. Experience tells us that we can see very effective results from this focused approach. 

Classic areas to explore include determining an individual’s style of leadership and communication, examining how they build their teams and develop the collective as well as the individual performance of team members. 

If you’re interested in talking to us about developing line management capability to a group of people, please click here to find out more about our extensive programme work. 


There are times in life, when things can get overwhelming for all of us. Be it the relentless volume of work, weight of expectations or particularly difficult situations being dealt with. 

We understand how important it is to have a confidential, objective and independent person to support and guide though times like this. 

As coaches we support individuals going through tougher phases in their professional lives. Sometimes these challenges relate to confidence, concerns about ‘failing’ or fatigue from the pace of workplace change. 

The good news is this is all ‘normal’, and there are many ways individuals can be supported through these phases in their working life. Be it through a change of perspective, reframing of an unhelpful belief, or awareness of a tool or technique that will help. 

We believe in the power of helping people achieve workplace happiness where focus, motivation and a sense of personal wellbeing go hand in hand. 

Parental Transition 

There are few life transitions that compare to the arrival of a child. For the professional embarking on an additional journey of parenthood, this can be a time of excitement and anticipation, but also of concern and internal conflict.   

We appreciate this intense change and recognise the significance of supporting all parents as they transition into this dual role. 

We’ve spent the last 6 years trying to understand the transition of both working mothers and fathers, and have identified three critical stages where coaching can have exponential positive impact: 

Phase 1: The Take Off (anticipating the arrival of your child) 

Phase 2: The Niggle (whilst adjusting to the arrival of your child) 

Phase 3: The Pull (upon returning to the workplace) 

We adopt a flexible but considered approach to supporting women through these phases, drawing on our extensive personal and professional experience, to ensure every parent has the chance to succeed in both these spheres of her life.

To find out more about our maternity coaching experiences read here (blog link) 

To find out more about our paternity coaching research read here (blog link) 


We all hit crossroads. Life is one big choice after another, all with the potential to take us in different directions. Sometimes we coach people through these crossroads because they have been imposed on them – through redundancy or restructure for example. At other times we meet people who simply feel a bit ‘stuck’. 

It’s fair to say we often meet individuals who feel lost because of the lack of a long-term goal, and who are therefore questioning the small decisions as they have lost sight of the bigger context within which they are working. 

If you’re uncertain about where you’re heading – uncertain about who you are right now, what matters to you in your career, what you have learned about yourself and others, then maybe career coaching could help.