Parental Transition 


There are few life transitions that compare to the arrival of a child. For the professional embarking on an additional journey of parenthood, this can be a time of excitement and anticipation, but also of concern and internal conflict   

We appreciate this intense change and recognise the significance of supporting all parents as they transition into this dual role. 

We’ve spent the last 6 years trying to understand the transition of both working mothers and fathers, and have identified three critical stages where coaching can have exponential positive impact: 

Phase 1: The Take Off (anticipating the arrival of your child) 

Phase 2: The Niggle (whilst adjusting to the arrival of your child) 

Phase 3: The Pull (upon returning to the workplace) 

We adopt a flexible but considered approach to supporting women through these phases, drawing on our extensive personal and professional experience, to ensure every parent has the chance to succeed in both these spheres of her life.

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