Sophia Taylor

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I find people endlessly fascinating and enjoy working with different characters to help them move past obstacles in order to achieve their full potential. As a tenacious and committed coach I enjoy nothing better than when an individual gets the 'light bulb moment'.  That's why I love what I do

My passion for coaching began early on in my career as a senior HR manager which spans 20 years working in HR for Harrods, Nike and Apple.  I am a Member of the Chartered Management Institute and the Association for Coaches and have a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management.  I’m also a Myers Briggs practitioner and have found that the MBTI tool is a great platform for increasing self-awareness and therefore a great place to start the coaching process.  My MBTI type is INTP. 

I coach individuals at all levels and specialise in career, management and maternity coaching; if you'd like to find out more about me and how I work, please drop me an email at